About Us

Krishna Resources deals with a wide range of customers and offers a very high standard of technical know-how, support and after-sales services. For associates all over the world, Krishna Resources is capable of providing tailor-made solutions powered by efficient logistics. It has a reach to international countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore.

Krishna Resources is run by promoters with over a decade of experience in International trade. We are committed to positive long-term relations with our trading partners built on exceptional cooperation and trust. We rise to every challenge presented.

Our Aim

Krishna resources aim to be known as a prominent paper distributor and trade facilitators that specializes in various grades of paper, paper-board and stationery. Krishna Resources product range includes all types of Paper, Paper-Boards, Specialty Grades & complete Office & school Stationery by providing exceptional customer service and quality products at competitive prices.

Our Mission

Krishna resources aspires to be your trusted supply chain partner in the paper and paper-boards products industry. .